Project Sanctuary’s O.P.S Gala

Seven Two Partners recently donated to Project Sanctuary’s O.P.S. Gala to raise financial support. They help military families THRIVE through an evidenced-based program built on compassionate advocacy, providing resiliency and reintegration tools, and reestablishing HOPE.

Project Sanctuary is a therapeutic military family program that focuses on the needs, challenges and concerns that our military families face every day. We work with veterans and active-duty service members and their families with our exclusive three part A.R.T. program, combining counseling, education, self-development and recreational therapy to help build well-adjusted families.

They assist the military service members by helping them heal from the effects of war, provide a safe place to heal, help reconnect the family unit and treat all members of the family at their level of need—which enables the service member to reintegrate into their family and community successfully. Their programs focus on the entire family’s mental health and well-being first as they take them through the steps towards creating a sustainable balanced and thriving family– and life.

For more information about this organization and how to donate, please visit their website here.