The Pearl Group and Single Parent Support

Seven Two Partners recently donated to The Pearl Group to help raise financial support. The Pearl Group provides single parent families the hope and skills necessary to build an economically and emotionally stable home environment through sustainable programs.

Founded in 2008, The Pearl Group was established to help single parents and their dependent children move toward self-sufficiency by providing a variety of programs, including mentoring and encouragement, educational opportunities and scholarships, a transportation program and a free “thrift store” stocked with clothing and household items.

The Pearl Group feels that single parents, being solely responsible for meeting all of their family’s basic needs, are some of the world’s most courageous people and that the strong foundation of every community begins with healthy families. They believe that by providing encouragement and support while walking side-by-side with single parent families, they are all given an opportunity to be better neighbors and help create stronger families.

For more information about this organization and how to donate, please visit their website here.