Special Kids Special Families’ Bowl-A-Thon

Seven Two Partners Campaign for Kids recently donated to Special Kids Special Families’ Bowl-A-Thon to raise financial support. The SKSF Child and Family Services Program is in itself an umbrella for several direct service and care options supporting the children and caregivers of children with disabilities. The programs include advocacy as well as parent education.

Strong, healthy families are at the core of SKSF’s goals and values. Their Zach’s Place at The Laurie Hillyard Family Center provides specialized child and respite care for youth with disabilities, provide the break and support that parents need, while giving the child a chance to have fun and challenging activities in a learning environment. Home-based care, sessions for siblings, parent networking groups and puppets who teach others about disabilities are all part of the Children & Family Services.

For more information about the other great services that this foundation offers like adoption and foster care, please visit their website here.