Canadian Family Office Conference – Investment Consultant Comments

In early January 2013, Nicholas Rotello moderated the credit panel at Opal’s inaugural Canadian Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum in Toronto, Canada.  While in Toronto, we investigated investment opportunities in Timber, Global Credit, Energy, and Canadian Hedge Funds.  Some of the key takeaways regarding the Canadian Family Office environment were:

  • A robust industry that remains highly fragmented with fewer dedicated participants than in the US.
  • Institutional manager due diligence is evolving, but many Canadians still invest through banks / brokers due to regulatory, and other structural challenges present in Canada.
  • The Canadian investment industry has interesting ideas that could serve non-domestic clients

We will continue to monitor the investment opportunities in Canada as well as to keep in touch with the families and firms we met while in Toronto.  If you have questions about the Canadian Family Office market, or Canadian investment managers please don’t hesitate to give us a call.