A Precious Child – Bowl for A Precious Child & Youth Advisory Board Movie Night

Seven Two Partners Campaign for Kids recently donated to A Precious Child’s Bowl for A Precious Child & Youth Advisory Board Movie Night to raise financial support. They are devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children and families in Colorado by improving their quality of life.

A Precious Child serves as a resource center in collaboration with schools, organizations, social services, fire and police departments, churches and shelters to ensure that all children in the State of Colorado have their basic needs met. They treat clients with compassion and understanding without casting judgment. Acting in kindness, promoting inclusiveness,  and treating others with dignity by seeking staff, board members, and volunteers who enrich their programmatic effectiveness through diversity of experience, skills, cultures, and backgrounds is just one of their core values.

For more information about this organization and how to donate, please visit their website here.