Our View: Managers Access to Investment Consultants

We wrote an article in the September 2012 issue of Emerging Manager Monthly to respond to a typical manager question – how can managers get a consultant’s attention? We started off by assuming that the firm asking the question actually had a great strategy, which in our experience is typically a high hurdle that every investment manager thinks they’ve achieved. Regardless, here were our main points:

  1. Invest your time in research before you even call. Use the internet, your network and databases to figure out what the consultant wants/needs, instead of just making a blind call.
  2. Call with the intention of giving something to the consultant. We’re not talking about gifts, but information, assistance, data, etc. Giving something meaningful prior to asking for a meeting will result in much better results.
  3. Respect the consultants time. With more than 100,000 funds to research, a consultant can’t possibly research every one. If they tell you to wait a quarter or even a year before calling back, respect that. It will establish your professionalism and character, which in time will get you the call or meeting.

The article is available as well. Feel free to call with questions.