Seven Two Partners follows an investment consulting strategy to best serve clients by combining significant investment research experience with a dedication to achieve results. We are experts in manager due diligence, portfolio construction, asset allocation, and risk management, and we’re confident we can assist with any investment or portfolio need.

Investment Policy – We design realistic and useful investment policies to reflect customized goals, missions and values.

Asset Allocation – Models, discussion and countless variables are a part of our asset allocations. We use both expected and historical data to provide a complete view of potential outcomes.

Asset Classes – We research all global asset classes including all traditional investments (stock and bond) and alternative investments (hedge fund, private investments, real assets, etc.) in order to optimize results for our clients.  We identify the drivers of future performance, as well as potential risks.

Portfolio Construction – Investment process, holdings, factor analysis, and asset class characteristics are used to create portfolios. These portfolios may be implemented across any series of complex (or simple) client structures.

Investment Managers – We’ve researched more than 5,000 funds over the past decade, yet we’ve only recommended a few. We research all types and sizes of managers across geographies. We look for opportunity by drawing a complete picture of expected risk and return. Manager search, selection and monitoring is a core competency.

Investment Valuations – We estimate fair value of asset classes. We use valuations to facilitate informed decisions and to supplement our research.

Risk Management – We research risk both qualitatively (people, operational, etc.) and quantitatively (volatility, risk-factors, etc.). We also provide identification, measurement and recommendations on manager specific, asset class and macroeconomic risks. We use diversification, rebalancing and custom solutions as opportunistic tools for our clients.